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19 August 2006 @ 01:19 am
Anyone see the third season of Laguna?
I did &i must say, even though when they announced they were making a new season I had my doubts it would be good, but..
I am sooo loving the new season!

It`s really good & Tessa is a good narrator &seems really sweet.
Kyndra is a bitch! No offense, but she`s not even that pretty &she`s kind of big, I don`t see how guys can like her. Yeah, so is Cami she is a huge bitch, god she needs to get over herself. & LC`s little sister, Breanna isn`t really pretty either, she`s no LC. That`s for sure. Plus I read that she`s really jealous/conceited &tells people to call her BC so she can be more like Lauren.

I really do like that Jessica, Alex M., Alex H. and them are in it a little, too. &i like Tessa & Chase. Chase is really cute, &kind of so is Cameron.. lol.
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(Anonymous) on March 26th, 2009 07:58 pm (UTC)
American High School
Star of a new film Alex Murrel, American High School (www.myspace.com/americanhighschool or www.dijit.com/dijits/ahs/ahs), her current love interest is busted with coke by the FED’s during a raid of her Orange County Home.